Why I want to work from office now?

As a person from IT background, I have been working from home for past few years. I have forgotten how a regular office going culture feels like. Though my organization has reopened its office, I am still hesitant to go to office on a regular basis. It feels that I have become used to working from home. Frankly speaking, working from home is no fun. It is just something that I am finding hard to get over.

  • Working from home is doing something to my psychological health. I don’t enjoy company of people anymore. Though I am more productive working from home, I don’t derive great joy in a collaborative work environment now. I feel more comfortable if I get to work independently. Earlier, I used to thrive working in a team environment. I am not sure, if working independently (or in silos) is the future of work. I feel work must be a collaborative affair and people working a job must feel happy doing/creating stuff together. I feel this sense of “enjoying your job” is increasingly diminishing in a WFH set up.
  • With such less interaction with people in a WFH setup, a sense of boredom is creeping in life in general. Never earlier did I feel the importance of going through the rigors of the day. I mean things such as commuting to office, working with a team, having lunch with a team, managing conflicts within a team etc. looked so ordinary. Now, I think that they are vital for our ability to live, work, and thrive. What appeared problems earlier now appear essential rigors for a healthy life. I think we are meant to solve certain problems to live a happy life. If we eliminate those problems, new problems would sprung up, which are often harder and costlier to fix.
  • I know we are growing, but I don’t think that we are growing in the right direction. We are obsessed with solving problems, however we are not defining or identifying problems correctly. The objective of working jobs is not only to create wealth, it is an endeavor that helps shape society in some manner. We all are shaping and contributing to our future by working the jobs that we do today. So, we should be careful of the precedent that we set.
  • A sense of belongingness is what I feel is most important in a job. It is the cornerstone of my productivity, loyalty and commitment to the organization. In a world where everything is increasingly becoming virtual, I want to invest in real human interactions. I feel, as a human being, it our primal need to be among people and work together. We all are designed to work that way, I think.
  • Though I am a big proponent of working from office, I don’t want it to be a rigid affair. I know a section of people are lured with the concept of working from home. They think it is the future and in some way they may be correct as we always define our own future. At the end of the day, it is always a matter of choosing what future we want. And I think, a future where people are prioritized above everything else is what we should choose.  

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