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Why Ravichandran Ashwin is going on a public rant for not being included in the World Test championship?

Since India lost to Australia in the WTC final, a lot has been said about the team composition. Many experts raised questions regarding Ashwin’s exclusion from the team. Many advocated that Ashwin merited a place in the team and that his presence could have made a significant difference. Ashwin has also given several interviews in the media expressing his disappointment with the captain and the coach.

Here is what netizens feel regarding the story.

Why Dhoni and Yuvraj could never be real friends despite being great colleagues

Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh have a chequered history. Both are one of the great finishers that India has ever seen. There were incidents such as Dhoni not calling Yuvraj on his wedding and others that sparked rumor about the rift between them. Dhoni was also blamed for not utilizing Yuvraj’s full potential.

Here are some of the reactions of the netizens about the two:

Is exercising good?

I may sound downright stupid if I suggest otherwise to the question, “Is exercising good?”. However, I am still not able to make up my mind as to how to answer this question. Though one thing that is sure is that over-exercising can have more harmful effects than under-exercising. I am not saying this in the light of the increased number of heart attacks that we are seeing while performing cardiovascular activities, it is something that dawned upon me as I explored various types of exercises on a deeper level.

Is our diet good enough for the exercise that we are doing?

Most of the times, we view exercise as something that is beneficial on its own, which I think is incorrect. Exercise means draining. It is not rejuvenating if it is intense. Exercise can only be beneficial when it is supplemented with good diet. I have seen many people suffering from nutritional deficiencies as they don’t follow a good diet. They think exercise on its own will keep them healthy and fit, whereas it might be making them weak and vulnerable to other deficiencies.

Exercising is difficult to keep up

If you need to reap the benefits of intense exercise like strength training, you need to get ample rest along with good diet. Many people assume exercising alone would fix their problems. While in actuality, you need to invest more in your diet and lifestyle after exercising to see the benefits.

Playing sports to keep yourself healthy is a big risk

I see many over enthusiastic people who join sports as a means to keep fit. This severely backfires as their bodies are not able to handle the stress that comes with playing a sport. Sport requires a certain physical standard as your body moves and puts pressure on various joints. People who are not fit or lack good sporting technique usually get injured and their fitness journey takes a big hit. Contrary to popular belief that sports will make you fit, you should rather be fit to play sports. People forget this and pay a huge price.

What is the right way of exercising?

To me, exercising in moderation as well as selecting the correct exercise is the key. I find strength training two to three days a week and playing mid-intensity sport once in a week is feasible. I don’t go overboard with heavy weights during strength training as I rely on all-natural diet. I know I can pump harder and sometimes feel the adrenalin to do so, however I know by doing so, I am simply breaking my muscles and that I need to eat plenty of protein and micronutrients to rebuild those muscle fibers. Also, while playing sports, I am careful of the pressure that my joints go through. I realize that mind is always ahead of the body and that there will be moments where my mind would ask my body to put in that extra effort, which might result in the injury. So, going easy is the key.

Never underestimate mobility exercises such as yoga and stretching

Any sportsman or exercise enthusiast would vouch for what I am saying. Mobility exercises seem so trivial to a newbie. However, they are the ones that help stave off injuries most. Mobility exercises are rejuvenating and not draining. That’s the reason to always incorporate mobility exercises as they are light on your body and are very sustainable on the long run.

Vamika deserves privacy

Recently Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s daughter Vamika was photographed during the third one day international between India and South Africa. Soon, afterwards, the toddler’s pictures started trending on social media. Anushka Sharma issued a statement that she was caught off guard and failed to realize that the cameras were pointing on her. While many people requested privacy for the couple and asked for the photos to be not shared on social media, others were less slightly less forgiving. They felt that Anushka shouldn’t have brought Vamika to the stadium amidst the glare of so many cameras.

This debate raises an important question of privacy. It is not about who is wrong or who is right as there will always be things in the grey area. The point is can we not as a society develop an aligned understanding of what is socially acceptable. It is understood that Anushka should have been more careful (because she wanted privacy for her child), but can we not accord her the luxury of being free from the constant fear that her child’s privacy will be invaded and let her enjoy a normal life. What is wrong if she chooses to walk out in front of the cameras and ask not to be clicked. Is it too much of an ask from the media? Why can’t the media develop a conscience? May be Anushka wasn’t logical but why do we always need the reinforcement of logic to do things that somebody has requested. Are we using logic or lack thereof to further our own agenda?

My problem is with the need of logic with people. People always want logic. They talk logic. They value logic. They think an argument or need, or a request is wrong if it is not logical. I think, this need of logic is wrong. What we need is not logic but compassion and empathy. We need to understand that at times people let their guard down, and that we shouldn’t look at it as an opportunity. It is not an opportunity to capitalize, it is a moment where you can show compassion to the individual. It is the time you can prioritize empathy and love over logic.

Why Virat Kohli’s decision to quit captaincy spells trouble for BCCI

Virat Kohli relinquished test captaincy after the series loss to South Africa. The decision caught many people by surprise but to people who understand how Kohli works, this was hardly any surprise. Deep down I also knew that Kohli would step down regardless of the outcome of the series. Why? Because he lives life his own way. He knew that his test captaincy is going to get scrutinized the moment he was sacked from ODI captaincy. He knew that the trust was over. He took the decision not under the fear that he would be sacked but for giving the BCCI an opportunity to play another captain. For BCCI to prove themselves right. Now Kohli has put the ball in the BCCI’s court. Find a better leader if you can.

Now BCCI will be in a spot of bother. They have to search a leader now. And their search revolves largely around Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul and Jasprit Bumrah. As much as I am a fan of Rohit Sharma, I don’t think he is fit to be a test captain. Even his place in the playing eleven is contentious. He still has to prove himself as a test batsman and the kind of reckless shots he gets himself out through still poses questions on his evolution as a test batsman. He still appears naïve with his short selection let alone the technical shortcomings that he seems to have minimized but not completely overcome. In a nutshell, Rohit barely qualifies in the playing eleven. KL Rahul on the other hand seems to be riding high on good form, but captaincy is for people who have a proven track record. KL Rahul is enjoying an uptrend and he still has a long way to go before he wins the confidence that a country can place in a leader. Bumrah, let’s just say is a very good bowler, but captaincy “nah”.

What is the trouble for BCCI?

Regardless of how differently people want to read the decision of Virat kohli’s stepping down from captaincy, what is obvious is the fact that the relation between Virat Kohli and the BCCI has touched an unprecedented low. And that all the drama around Virat Kohli’s sacking led to this decision. Virat is not someone who takes things lying down. The moment he realized that his captaincy is not appreciated, he resigned.

What is up for the next captain?

It is trouble and a great opportunity. Whenever there is a leadership change, the new leader is expected to turn things around; more so when the change is so chaotic. The new leader has to do what Virat has failed to do and it’s so little that Virat has failed. That’s where the problem lies. The problem is that the decision to replace Virat Kohli as captain is doomed to fail as there is no one that is currently better than him. Now if under the new leadership, the team falters particularly overseas, BCCI will have to do some serious digging to find some saving grace. BCCI seemed to have hinted that the trouble lies with the captaincy and Kohli has given them an opportunity to fix it if they can.

Is the decision good for Indian cricket?

Absolutely not. At present Kohli is the only right person to lead the team in test cricket. With him gone, it’s just a compromise that we are making, and hope things turn out to be better. There is no logic, no metric that suggests replacing Kohli with anyone in test cricket as a captain can turn things around. If that happens, it is pure luck. Am not saying Kohli is irreplaceable, all that am simply saying is that he is the best. And you can sure replace the best, but it comes with a cost, and its not only BCCI that has to pay the price, it’s Indian Cricket too.

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