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Why is the movie Adipurush doomed to fail?

There is a lot of hoopla around the movie Adipurush which is going to release on the coming Friday. The initial trailer of the movie had greatly disappointed fans leading the film makers to delay the release. With the improved VFX, the film is slated for release this week. Many celebrities are doing mass-bookings and the film seems to be riding high on all the positivity that it exudes. However, I feel that the film is going to come crashing down on the box office once the initial hype gives way. Here are the reasons.

Extremely poor VFX

Though the VFX is told to have been fixed, but it is hardly up to the mark. To be honest, the VFX is dreadful. Prabhas who appeared flawless in Bahubali is appearing below average. It is the VFX that is making him look so ordinary. All other characters are also not very pleasing to the eye. Barring Kriti Sanon, no one is looking the part.

Poor Writing

The writing of the movie seems to be very average. The holy epic whose every line is considered sacred cannot be presented with weak writing. The dialogues appear very weak. When I saw the original Ramayana for the first time, the heavenly voice of Arun Govil swept me away. I was so enamored with the voice that it kept looping in my head for a long time. Such was the casting and attention to detail in the original Ramayana. Here, Prabha’s voice appears more of a great warrior but as we know lord Rama is as much an embodiment of goodness, humility etc. as he was of courage and strength. It seems the movie is rushed through and is not given the time and attention it should have been given.

Poor Casting

The casting looks weak. Laxman’s character in particular looks very weak. Also, Saif Ali Khan, I believe is an overrated and a very limited actor. He is good in few genres only and he has already done lot of such movies. He enacts evil with being clownish. His character in Tanhanji was a classical example of a casting goof up. He appeared a person who is forcefully trying to be cruel. With him, everything appears forced and structured and not natural.

Initial hype is PR made

I get a feeling that the filmmakers have accepted that the movie is going to flop. PR has been set into motion to give it a massive opening before the true feedback comes out in public domain. That is why I believe the movie can open well but the content will bring it down sooner.