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SRK’s Jawan grips the nation

The response to Jawan has been historic and unprecedented. It has shattered all the box-office records and is on its way to creating new unimaginable records. Though it was expected that the movie would do great business considering SRK’s fan following, what is unprecedented is that it has gone beyond all expectations. Atlee has presented SRK on the massiest avatar possible that no other director could have done till now.

SRK has not only reinvigorated Bollywood with a fresh lease of life, he has established that there is no star bigger than him. The records that he is creating are literally insurmountable.

Jawan is expected to do unimaginable numbers and is expected to rewrite the record books. Pandits are unsure as the eventual numbers can be beyond any predictions. The movie has gripped and stirred the conscious of the nation. Time will only tell what will be it’s final business.

This is the era where SRK rules. He has become bigger than the game itself.