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What Sushant Singh Rajput’s death teaches us?

• That there are people who can take advantage of anything to further one’s agenda – Beware of them.

• That we are ignorant about mental health issues – Anyone can suffer from any problem.

• That we are a patriarchal society – Stop finding easy excuses or culprits. Go to the root of the issue. Things are not always as we want them to be.

• That we are strongly biased, and logic is the least used faculty – Apply logic and not instinct.

• That Bollywood has its share of problems – Bring reforms, structure, and have more acceptance towards everyone.

• That choosing to not react regardless of who you are is a personal choice – Don’t judge people for their personal choices.

• That choosing to react the way you do regardless of who you are is a personal choice – Don’t judge people for their personal choices.

• That not all celebrities or rich people are evil – Rich doesn’t mean evil.

• That not all general people are good – There are a lot of stupid people around us.

• That TV journalism (largely) is evil and agenda driven. – Don’t watch it.

• That we don’t respect the law and let it function – Trust your institutions, stop gossiping. If you have a different viewpoint, raise it objectively.

• That we enjoy drama and sensation – Curb this inner instinct.

• That we are essentially either blind followers or trolls – Stop that.

• That we love to hate – Stop that.

• That we need a tragedy to realize the value of a person or his talent – Appreciate talent at the right time. This is for the people who became Sushant Singh Rajput’s fan after his death.

• That we are always waiting for an opportunity to start hating people – Stop that.

• That we have some sort of inherent hatred for people who are successful than us – Get over it.

• That we love to make people fall – Don’t enjoy seeing people fall. Even if someone has done wrong and he or she gets her due, just be gracious that justice is done. Don’t enjoy that.

• That an unsuccessful person always thinks that he or she didn’t get what he or she deserved because of the flawed system – Stop blaming your failures on everything else except you. Maybe you were not good. Maybe others were better than you. Maybe you are meant for something else.

• That the system sometimes can actually be unfair – Maybe you were hard done. But then, never lose hope and constantly work to fix the systemic issue as per your ability.

• That you are more than what you become or what people know you for and all other shit – Just have a go at life and keep going.


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