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Signs of toxic relationship

Photo by Dhruva Reddy on Unsplash

Dominating personality

A toxic person will dominate you behaviorally and emotionally. You will always have to give in to their demands.

Irrational behavior

A toxic person always wants you to behave appropriately and expects high standards of propriety from you. This leads you to always act in fear or act to seek his or her approval. The toxic person however justifies his own irrationality to any extent.

Good communication

A toxic person is clinical and is usually very good with communication. He knows the power of words and uses them to his advantage even when he means nothing or otherwise. He will defeat you intellectually and will make you feel weak.

Projects excessive emotions

A toxic individual projects as if he is overly emotional and sensitive. He uses emotions to justify the toxic behavior. However, in reality, there is no excuse for bad and toxic behavior. A toxic person will set unrealistic expectations from you and will blame you or sulk when they are not fulfilled.


A toxic individual has a lot of ego. He always wants to win. He is a servant of his ego. Ego is what drives most of his actions and not emotions.

Lack of self-criticism

A toxic person will never self-reflect or think he is wrong. He might fake an apology but deep down he is always right. When he realizes he is wrong, he uses humor to make light of the situation. He makes his grave mistakes appear silly or easily forgivable.


A toxic person gets scared and irritated when you start expressing yourself. Toxic people are usually coward and full of pretensions. Once, you start facing up to them, they disintegrate.

A bigger social circle

A toxic person usually has a big social circle. He has lots of friends or acquaintances. He is generally good with people. He is usually successful. But he is toxic to his immediate family and friends.