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Vamika deserves privacy

Recently Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s daughter Vamika was photographed during the third one day international between India and South Africa. Soon, afterwards, the toddler’s pictures started trending on social media. Anushka Sharma issued a statement that she was caught off guard and failed to realize that the cameras were pointing on her. While many people requested privacy for the couple and asked for the photos to be not shared on social media, others were less slightly less forgiving. They felt that Anushka shouldn’t have brought Vamika to the stadium amidst the glare of so many cameras.

This debate raises an important question of privacy. It is not about who is wrong or who is right as there will always be things in the grey area. The point is can we not as a society develop an aligned understanding of what is socially acceptable. It is understood that Anushka should have been more careful (because she wanted privacy for her child), but can we not accord her the luxury of being free from the constant fear that her child’s privacy will be invaded and let her enjoy a normal life. What is wrong if she chooses to walk out in front of the cameras and ask not to be clicked. Is it too much of an ask from the media? Why can’t the media develop a conscience? May be Anushka wasn’t logical but why do we always need the reinforcement of logic to do things that somebody has requested. Are we using logic or lack thereof to further our own agenda?

My problem is with the need of logic with people. People always want logic. They talk logic. They value logic. They think an argument or need, or a request is wrong if it is not logical. I think, this need of logic is wrong. What we need is not logic but compassion and empathy. We need to understand that at times people let their guard down, and that we shouldn’t look at it as an opportunity. It is not an opportunity to capitalize, it is a moment where you can show compassion to the individual. It is the time you can prioritize empathy and love over logic.