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When should you resign from your job?

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The world seems to be grappling with “The Great Resignation”; a fancy term that has caught everyone’s attention. For the uninitiated, the great resignation is a phenomenon where employees leave jobs in large numbers across industries. This can happen when employees look for better job opportunities or when they think that they can live a job free life. For the Indian IT sector, the mass resignation that we are witnessing is primarily fueled by the former. The market is filled with job opportunities and employees are finding it hard to ignore such opportunities. The perks and increased salary being offered is making employees jump on the bandwagon of this great resignation. While it is important that you look for growth and grab any opportunity that uplifts you in your career, you also need to tread these resignation waters carefully. Here are my tips that you can consider while switching your job.

Assess company by its pre-covid image

Do not just consider the employee benefits that have emerged as part of response to the pandemic. Assess what the company had always been like to its employees. Companies have now adopted a flexible work culture and brought about changes; however, you must understand the core values of the company and its work culture that was in place before all the recent changes.

Money is not everything

Nobody is underestimating the power of money. However, the switch should elevate you professionally and personally. Do not change jobs if the only benefit that you are getting is in terms of money. Your next job should have more money, better work, better people, and better everything.

Research about the company

Do proper diligence before joining any company. Read reviews, talk to existing employees, and find what people are generally talking about the company. If you get overwhelming feedback of a similar kind, it is most likely be true. Do not ignore the feedback. The job market is not speculative and is largely true.

Find out about the work

Figure out the kind of work you will be doing. The technology you will be working on. The kind of tools you will be using. Knowing about the work beforehand would help you in taking the decision. One of the major reasons of employee dissatisfaction is the lack of quality work. You must ensure that you are not signing up for something that you will simply not want to do. Do not underestimate what a boring, run of the mill work can do to you professionally as well as personally.

Find out about people

First understand that there are good and bad people. A more subtle way of putting it is that there are people that we are comfortable with and that there are people, we are not comfortable with. You must research about the team and find out how it is. A good indicator would be the attrition rate. If a lot of people are leaving the team in quick succession, then there is something fishy. You better step back then.

Why resign in the first place?

Sometimes our resignation does not make any sense. We see a lot of people leaving for genuine reasons and decide to follow them. To begin with, you should have a strong reason for resigning. Having this clarity is essential and it will also help you during your job interviews. Some of the good reasons for leaving your job can be lower pay, toxic work environment, excessive workload, meaningless work, alienation etc. If you are sure that your next job can fill all these gaps, then you must accept the opportunity.