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Why India lost WTC final?

Underperformance and Mediocrity

It is fair to say that we lack talent. Yes, to be honest, Indian cricket team is not as talented as it is made out to be. All the runs and wickets under the belt of our cricketers have come under home conditions. We are tigers at home and will always be. Our superstar batters and bowlers are actually human. More so, in foreign conditions where their superpowers vanish.


Yes, it is overly cliched, but IPL has destroyed everyone as cricketers. The easy runs and easy wickets have made us technically and temperamentally week. It’s not easy to switch from a casino style of play to a more sensible form of cricket. It’s all about adjusting your priorities. We seem to have prioritized the money-making IPL over all forms of cricket. In the process, we are degrading our cricketing heritage. Regardless of what people say and believe, IPL is not cricket.

Can IPL and other forms of cricket co-exist?

This is what the cricket pundits would have us believe. It all begins with co-existence and eventually since everything is driven by money, we will be told that IPL is the future. We will be told that we choose it over one-day or test cricket. To an extent they are right. It is our fascination with T20 cricket that has led to the downfall of other forms of cricket. IPL is all about entertainment, money, booze, party. It is hardly a sport. If we are genuine cricket lovers, we should stop our fascination with T20 cricket. We should not turn everything into and about entertainment and money. There should be a larger purpose for preserving a pure sports culture. Arts, sports etc. should be preserved and performed for greater goods and causes. It is a social responsibility of every one of us to ensure it happens.