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What is it with wrestlers protest ?

It is heartbreaking to see our wrestlers being dragged and taken to police custody. Am sure, any person who is found to be in the wrong side of the law (as per the government) would have been treated the same way if he was in their place. However, the turn of events is just very saddening. As a non-affiliate person (me) who isn’t politically or ideologically very well defined or positioned (which I believe should be a prerequisite to finding a solution to any problem), I always have some confusion:

  • Protesting is good but isn’t it unfair to group together and demand forcing legal action without much proof.
  • Not sure, how exactly the protest started. If something of this sort (abuse of power, harassment) was going on for so long, then it should have been surfaced earlier. Am not saying that there is anything wrong in speaking up whenever you are comfortable, but such occurrences usually do not go unheard of. Is this a sudden burst or were there complaints against the accused over a period?
  • Everything today becomes right vs left ideology, whereas what we should try to find are solutions. Everything becomes ideological when it should be a legal matter. Laws should be same for everyone, be it a wrestling champion or a common person. Why this matter cannot be treated as a simple harassment suit filed by a female employee of a private organization. Why do we become feminist, leftist, liberal, and tolerant if we support wrestlers and why do we become right wing, fundamentalist, if we do not support them. Is it because they are the “pride of the nation”, but then the laws are same for everyone. Is our jingoism getting better of our rationality?
  • Why “not supporting the wresters” means or is construed as “siding with the government”. It can also mean “siding with the law”, which I believe is a very right thing to do in a democracy.
  • Also, how else protesters can be removed from the site if the government feels the need to do so (here am not justifying the need though). There will always be some physical altercation. How can it be avoided? Of course, going overboard with use of force is bad, but I don’t think there was any manhandling beyond what was absolutely necessarily. To say that the government manhandled protesters is wrong. They handled protesters in the way it was required to remove them from the site.
  •  Also, this battle of right vs left is engulfing everyone. It is forcing people to take sides. It is making people feel you are either this or that. Everyone is being labeled and all of their actions are perceived through this light. We need to find a way to stop this.