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Why Ravichandran Ashwin is going on a public rant for not being included in the World Test championship?

Since India lost to Australia in the WTC final, a lot has been said about the team composition. Many experts raised questions regarding Ashwin’s exclusion from the team. Many advocated that Ashwin merited a place in the team and that his presence could have made a significant difference. Ashwin has also given several interviews in the media expressing his disappointment with the captain and the coach.

Here is what netizens feel regarding the story.

To win the world cup, India should look carefully within

The first match of the Ashes made us fall in love with test cricket again. It was test cricket at its best. Both teams were a match to each other in terms of skill and patience. I wonder why India could not put up a similar fight against Australia in the recently concluded World Test Championship. I also wonder why this upcoming world cup is not a cake walk for India. Here is my conclusion:

India team is overconfident

To be honest, India largely derives confidence from its performance in IPL. However, what is important to understand is that IPL is not a domestic league. It is an international league that has foreign players too. The match winners, more often than not, are high value foreign players, winning matches through their performance. Though the league helps build Indian talent for the T20 format, it does not do a great deal to hone local players on technique, temperament, and patience. It is simply making young batsmen throw their bat at everything. The bowlers are also trying to save runs rather than take wickets.

India team is overrated

This is a truth that is hardly spoken but is as true as it can be. Indian team has some great cricketers, but we tend to make them much bigger than what they actually are. Though the records suggest that we are right at the top, but those records have always come on extremely friendly pitches. Extremely batting friendly pitches for one dayers and super spiny tracks for Test matches put us at a great advantage while playing under home conditions. Not that we shouldn’t utilize the home advantage but playing excessively under such conditions only makes our life tougher when we travel abroad. More importantly, it is the overconfidence that we carry from these wins, that affects our game outside of India.

BCCI only bothers about money

BCCI with its politics and misplaced priorities has only made matters worse. There must be something grossly wrong in the board if a former test captain of the Indian team resigns and give statements in the media to contradict BCCI. It suggests that not all is well within the team.

How England groomed a T20 team is a very good example

Everything is about priority. I still remember how few years back England was purely a test playing nation. They weren’t up to scratch on one day and T20 format. They invested in T20 cricket and now we see how strong they have become in the format. India needs to follow the same strategy to improve its performance in One day and Test cricket. Having different teams for different formats and grooming players accordingly is a good way. Resting players when necessary is needed. Most importantly, we should stop creating superstars that we want to see playing every format and BCCI should understand that making money is not the only objective it should be working towards.

Why India lost WTC final?

Underperformance and Mediocrity

It is fair to say that we lack talent. Yes, to be honest, Indian cricket team is not as talented as it is made out to be. All the runs and wickets under the belt of our cricketers have come under home conditions. We are tigers at home and will always be. Our superstar batters and bowlers are actually human. More so, in foreign conditions where their superpowers vanish.


Yes, it is overly cliched, but IPL has destroyed everyone as cricketers. The easy runs and easy wickets have made us technically and temperamentally week. It’s not easy to switch from a casino style of play to a more sensible form of cricket. It’s all about adjusting your priorities. We seem to have prioritized the money-making IPL over all forms of cricket. In the process, we are degrading our cricketing heritage. Regardless of what people say and believe, IPL is not cricket.

Can IPL and other forms of cricket co-exist?

This is what the cricket pundits would have us believe. It all begins with co-existence and eventually since everything is driven by money, we will be told that IPL is the future. We will be told that we choose it over one-day or test cricket. To an extent they are right. It is our fascination with T20 cricket that has led to the downfall of other forms of cricket. IPL is all about entertainment, money, booze, party. It is hardly a sport. If we are genuine cricket lovers, we should stop our fascination with T20 cricket. We should not turn everything into and about entertainment and money. There should be a larger purpose for preserving a pure sports culture. Arts, sports etc. should be preserved and performed for greater goods and causes. It is a social responsibility of every one of us to ensure it happens.